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Perfect Bound Books - as if by magic!

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Books are things of beauty - shiny covers, smooth to the touch, marble white pages which fan your face with cool air as you flick your thumb across their square trimmed edges... and that subtle scent of printers ink and crisp paper.  (Come on Kindle fans - you know it's true...)

There are over 180,000 titles published in the UK every year - that's over twenty an hour and an eye-watering 200 million actual books. 

The technology which produces such huge volumes of print is constantly changing and improving. One of these involves 'perfect binding' a process which uses one of more adhesives to bind the covers to the spine. The inner pages and covers go in at one end and books come out at the other - as if by magic!

Once the covers and sets of inner pages ('signatures) of the book have been printed, there are six main processes involved in the perfect binding process.  

'Gathering'  - The signatures are collected together into the correct order and assembled into 'book blocks'.

'Spine Cutting' - The folds along the spines of the book blocks are trimmed off by knives.

'Glueing' - Adhesive is applied to the trimmed spine. Sometimes two or even three different types of adhesives are used.

'Cover application' - As the cover is fed onto the book block, it is scored, clamped and sent by conveyor belt on to the next part of the process.

'Trimming' - The book edges now need to be trimmed - sometimes this is done on all three sides at once using a 'three knife trimmer'

'Stacking' - The finished perfect bound books are now counted and stacked ready for shipping, selling ..... and reading.

To see a state-of-the-art perfect binding line in action, have a look at the video below.

For low prices on perfect bound books, just ring Jon and Fay at Lighthouse Printing on 01792 386 674 (Swansea) or 029 2034 4899 (Cardiff).

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